First and foremost congratulations on finding the person you want to share the rest of your life with!.. Now let us begin. It can be quite a task and challenge to make sure you find the ring of her dreams while making sure you're getting the quality for your hard earned money. While trusting your jeweler (if you already have one, or have been referred to one) is an assuring aspect, it's IMPORTANT for you to know the starting KNOW WHAT and KNOW HOWS about diamonds and how the pricing in regard to quality shape and size come all together. So the more questions you ask the better. Another great tip will be our next blog which will give educational inside on diamond specs and the 4 c's!

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1. A good starting point will be to determine the shape of your diamond. The shape of the diamond indicates the actual look of the diamond. The first thing everyone including your future fiancee will notice when looking at it. We call it the actual geometry of the diamond.

2. After you are certain about the shape of her desire, your next step will be figuring out what type of setting/mounting she might love. In that case it is probably best to comfy in a very close friend of hers or relative who could do the spy work for you without blowing your surprise. So its best you trust her or him as well. The setting and workmanship are both very important as that will be frankly the dress up of the diamond and must carry it well. All side diamonds on the mounting must be selected carefully to perfection to make sure of a uniform look without quality or color differences. Unless you choose a plain mounting, in that case you won't have to worry about side diamonds but workmanship and design are of essence here.

3. While we just discussed above the setting you must choose between the right metal for her. We always think a good choice might be platinum because of its durability and hypoallergenic aspects. Platinum is a very dense metal so it tends to be always heavier in weight compared to gold about 60% If you choose to go with a gold setting you can surely save some money compared to platinum and have options in yellow gold rose gold white gold black gold and green gold . Gold and Platinum are the most popular precious metals.

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