Cushion Cut Engagement Ring


Cushion cut diamonds seem to be an increasingly sought after choice for engagement rings, perhaps because this shape combines enchanting shimmer with a distinctive look and a romantic, subtly vintage allure.

The cushion cut originated from an antique cut that was at times called a “candlelight diamond,” because it featured large facets that were designed to sparkle in candlelight in the days before electricity. The cushion cut is a square shape with softly rounded corners that make it subtly resemble a pillow. The proportions of a cushion cut vary with the individual diamond, with some appearing more long and narrow, others closer to square.


Cushion cut diamonds look stunning in many engagement ring designs. 

The combination of a cushion cut diamond and a halo setting is an especially sought after engagement ring style, perhaps because both the cushion shape and the halo design have a vintage ninspired look. 

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