Picking the right Date


We mentioned previously some ideas to the perfect proposal but we laid out the key steps to help you get things right both on the lead up to popping the question, and on the big day itself. 

It can be very useful to know the major points you have to hit (the ring, getting permission, the location etc.), it can still be difficult to “connect the dots”. Thankfully, we live in a world where technology has an answer for almost every problem, and  we are going to pick out an imprtant one.

The first step to take is to place certain events on your calendar that you know are set in stone. If you have a date picked out for your proposal, like a significant date in your relationship or a date on which you’ll be in a certain town or city, this needs to be put down so the rest of the calendar can be formed. Other events you know for sure, like when the ring will be ready etc., should also be noted down on online 

The reason you’ll want to use online calendars, as opposed to pen and paper ones, is that they can follow you anywhere. Whether on a laptop or a phone, these calendars are accessible to you, so you can always quickly check them. Most default calendars on your phone will allow you to sync them with other devices, but we suggest getting a calendar app, like Google’s, and using it only for proposal events, keeping it laser focussed on the task at hand.


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