Best Proposal Ideas

Rose Proposal 

Sometimes the most romantic proposal doesn't involve anything more than rose petals.Walking into a room with a question mark laid out with rich red rose petals and a Gina Amir custom designed ring sends our hearts fluttering. 



Scuba Diving Proposal

Out for an adventure take her scuba diving for the first time together. Make that underwater adventure even more memorable and pull out a ring and asked for her hand (which will be in a wetsuit). Truly a daring and memorable proposal!


Beach Proposal 

Why does the beach always seem like the best place to go for a romantic moment?  A momment to bring your family an have them help you with signs Or right at sundown with a surfboard that said it all. Incorporating a prop into the proposal that you can keep is a great idea and will also make a pretty cute touch at the wedding.


In the sky Proposal 

When a rooftop just won't cut it and the only view you will settle for is an entire landscape at sunset! A hot air balloon proposal is one of the most private ways to share that special moment. 



Own Island Proposal 

It might seem like this came straight out of a movie but hey you what to show her how much you love her. Have a little island all to yourselves. Everything about this proposal is absolutely perfect!



Hike Proposal 

Wonder if she saw this coming? Take her on a casual hike maybe even somewhere she's never been with a waterfall hint hint* pop the question next to a beautiful waterfall! She certainly will be  surprised and the view certainly doesn't hurt either!



Knight and Shining Amor Proposal 

Full chain metal Medieval era knight outfit, standing on a landing posing as a prop. We all want our knight in shining armor! When he comes to life and surprises her with how could she say no?