Diamond Engagement Ring 3 cttw Princess/Baguette 14K White Gold


Diamond Engagement Ring 3 cttw Princess/Baguette 14K White Gold


ITEM #  #991597802

DIAMOND1Diamond Sidestone Carat Weight Diamond11/20 CT.Diamond Sidestone Shape Diamond1ROUNDDiamond Sidestone Color Diamond1WHITE(I)Diamond Sidestone Clarity Diamond1I2Diamond Sidestone Setting Diamond1PRONG SETTINGDiamond Sidestone Count Diamond14

DIAMOND10Diamond Sidestone Shape Diamond10BAGUETTEDiamond Sidestone Color Diamond10WHITE(I)Diamond Sidestone Clarity Diamond10I1Diamond Sidestone Setting Diamond10CHANNEL SETTINGDiamond Sidestone Count Diamond10APPROXIMATELY 2

DIAMOND11Diamond Sidestone Carat Weight Diamond111/4 CT.Diamond Sidestone Shape Diamond11PRINCESS-CUTDiamond Sidestone Color Diamond11WHITE(I)Diamond Sidestone Clarity Diamond11I1Diamond Sidestone Setting Diamond11INVISIBLE SETTINGDiamond Sidestone Count Diamond114

DIAMOND2Diamond Sidestone Carat Weight Diamond21/20 CT.Diamond Sidestone Shape Diamond2ROUNDDiamond Sidestone Color Diamond2WHITE(I)Diamond Sidestone Clarity Diamond2I2Diamond Sidestone Setting Diamond2PRONG SETTINGDiamond Sidestone Count Diamond28

DIAMOND3Diamond Sidestone Shape Diamond3ROUNDDiamond Sidestone Color Diamond3WHITE(I)Diamond Sidestone Clarity Diamond3I2Diamond Sidestone Setting Diamond3PRONG SETTINGDiamond Sidestone Count Diamond34

DIAMOND4Diamond Sidestone Shape Diamond4ROUNDDiamond Sidestone Color Diamond4WHITE(I)Diamond Sidestone Clarity Diamond4I2Diamond Sidestone Setting Diamond4PRONG SETTINGDiamond Sidestone Count Diamond430

DIAMOND5Diamond Sidestone Carat Weight Diamond51/20 CT.Diamond Sidestone Shape Diamond5BAGUETTEDiamond Sidestone Color Diamond5WHITE(I)Diamond Sidestone Clarity Diamond5I1Diamond Sidestone Setting Diamond5CHANNEL SETTINGDiamond Sidestone Count Diamond5APPROXIMATELY 4

DIAMOND6Diamond Sidestone Carat Weight Diamond61/20 CT.Diamond Sidestone Shape Diamond6BAGUETTEDiamond Sidestone Color Diamond6WHITE(I)Diamond Sidestone Clarity Diamond6I1Diamond Sidestone Setting Diamond6CHANNEL SETTINGDiamond Sidestone Count Diamond6APPROXIMATELY 2

DIAMOND7Diamond Sidestone Carat Weight Diamond71/20 CT.Diamond Sidestone Shape Diamond7BAGUETTEDiamond Sidestone Color Diamond7WHITE(I)Diamond Sidestone Clarity Diamond7I1Diamond Sidestone Setting Diamond7CHANNEL SETTINGDiamond Sidestone Count Diamond7APPROXIMATELY 2

DIAMOND8Diamond Sidestone Shape Diamond8BAGUETTEDiamond Sidestone Color Diamond8WHITE(I)Diamond Sidestone Clarity Diamond8I1Diamond Sidestone Setting Diamond8CHANNEL SETTINGDiamond Sidestone Count Diamond8APPROXIMATELY 2

DIAMOND9Diamond Sidestone Shape Diamond9BAGUETTEDiamond Sidestone Color Diamond9WHITE(I)Diamond Sidestone Clarity Diamond9I1Diamond Sidestone Setting Diamond9CHANNEL SETTINGDiamond Sidestone Count Diamond92


SIZEStock Size6.75Minimum Size5Maximum Size8.5Step Size.5

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